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Book Sale!

Dora B. Woodyard Memorial Library will be having a book sale on October 22nd-October 26th during library hours. Our sale includes books for all ages; fiction and non-fiction. We will also include other material, such as DVDs. Sales will be by donation.

Middle School STEAM Program

Dora B. Woodyard Memorial Library will resume the middle school STEAM program Wednesday August 22nd at 3:30PM. The activities will be based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. The program will be held every Wednesday right after school until 4:30PM through December. Food and drinks will be provided. Please call the library (304-275-4295) to register your child. The program is partnered with the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Presenting Our Summer Program!

We are pleased to announce our summer program this year is themed “Libraries Rock!” which will be held each Monday at 11am. The events are as following:

June 18th – Rock With Instruments
June 19th – Rock With Games
July 2nd – Rock With Crafts
July 9th – Animal Rock
July 16th – Rock With the Band
July 23rd – Rock with Water at the Park

For more information, call Cathy – (304) 275-4295
Feel free to check out the Collaborative Summer Library Program website by clicking here.

March 27th Garden Workshop

The Extension Office would like to invite the public to attend a series of Garden Workshop classes. The first class of six will focus on “Soil Sampling.” It will commence on 3/27/18 in the library conference room at 12PM-1PM, and once again at 5PM-6PM.

3/27/18 Class Description:
Plants rely on the soil to provide nutrients, water, and stability. Without the proper soil structure and makeup, plants are more prone to disease and produce smaller yeilds. Soil sampling and testing allows us to take a deeper look into the soil and find out exactly what is missing. Paricipants will learn how to take a soil sample, where to send it to, and how to read the results.